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All posts and comments are now transferred - if you posted anything that you did not want transferred please let me know on Livejournal, using the ID you used to post. Many thanks! 
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Because minions of THE CONSPIRACY continue to make Livejournal less viable, I'm migrating this community to Dreamwidth - started the process this morning and it's still well down the queue to move posts etc., but should get transferred eventually. If you've made any posts or comments that you'd prefer deleted please contact me once the process is complete.
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Although this community seems to be fairly comatose at present, I've just set the community categories to

Category Fandom / Thread-based RP
Category Entertainment / Television

This may mean we get some new posts, but don't hold your breath...
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Just noticed that [livejournal.com profile] wandhvictim's account seems to have been deleted. He warned that this might happen some time ago, but doesn't seem to have taken his own warning to heart and made posts on his own journal to avoid deletion.

Those of you with long memories will remember him (her, whatever) as a frequent and vociferous poster to the old newsgroups which this journal was created to replace, using several names and multiple email addresses, and usually spoofing headers to avoid tracing. In particular, the long April 1st thread about Trolls in Sunnydale and the bar fight that closed the Bronze will long be remembered. Unfortunately their paranoia level was always fairly high, and he (she, whatever) doesn't seem to have taken to Livejournal very well. I have no idea if [livejournal.com profile] wandhvictim is still around, possibly under another name, but if not I'm sure they'll be missed.
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It's 100 days to the 10th anniversary of the destruction of Sunnydale, and things seem to have gone very quiet in this community. Are there really no new developments in Sunnydale Studies, False Jonathan Memory Syndrome, etc.? Or is someone suppressing them??

Where are the survivors now? A huge number of people were evacuated in the days before the town collapsed; any interesting patterns in their movements? Is there any truth in the rumour that Homeland Security and various governments (including the EU, Canada, and Mexico) automatically track anyone claiming Sunnydale as their birthplace? Whatever happened to the passengers on the Last Bus? These and many other unanswered questions will never be solved if this apathy continues.

Let's make the 10th anniversary memorable, by finding a few answers!

Countdown clock here: http://tinyurl.com/8z4eotc
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While I no longer use my old NTLworld email address it has never been shut down by the hosting company, and I check it occasionally to make sure that there's nothing important. This time I found the usual assortment of rubbish, including three fairly typical spam emails - the difference is that although they came from three different addresses, and were phrased slightly differently, all claimed to have control of "money belonging to the late mayor Richard Wilkins of Sunnydale" which they would give me if I gave them my bank account details etc. - the usual 419 scam, which the headers show originated from email addresses in Nigeria.

The odd thing here was that by an act of unusual incompetence the email was CC-d to a LOT of other addresses - several of which I recognize as posters to the old alt.copnspiracy.sunnydale newsgroup and cross-posters from alt.conspiracy.jasmine, alt.conspiracy.jonathan, alt.conspiracy.la.darkness, alt.conspiracy.wolframandhart, alt.conspiracy.bruknerassassination etc.

This makes me think that someone has decided to target posters to those newsgroups, and is probably working from a VERY old mailing list which isn't 99% spammers. Be on your guard!
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I came across a reference to a web site with the word "wolfram" in its name and made a reference to W&H. To my surprise someone has pointed out that there is a very strange sort of connection - judge for yourselves!


Without wishing to sound paranoid, can this really be just a coincidence? Does anyone know of any other W&H connection to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois?
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Has anyone else noticed that the current season of the TV show NCIS includes a lawyer named Alison Hart from a strangely familiar law firm, "Wolfram, Hart, and Donowitz"?

How the hell are they getting away with this? I would have thought that by now the injunctions would already be flying thick and fast. Or is this some sort of advertising stunt by our favourite alleged evil lawyers?
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Came across a nasty little scam the other day, which seems to be targetting victims of False Jonathan Memory Syndrome.

Basically, someone has apparently faked up various "Jonathan Levinson" items including a poster for The Matrix, various CDs, etc., and is offering them on eBay at inflated prices. I'm not sure where the pictures come from, the most likely answer is someone who looks a little like him plus Photoshop. Unfortunately I can't point at an example now because eBay seems to have pulled the plug on the last couple I noticed, but here's an image I copied, allegedly from Jonathan's "Live at Caesar's Palace" album:

I'm reliably informed that the background is (a) heavily manipulated and (b) not Caesar's Palace, I have no idea what it is beyond that. The songs listed were a medly that I think would mostly be Tom Jones recordings, unfortunately I didn't take notes. I think it's likely that the disk, if it actually existed, was simply a pirated Tom Jones album with a different cover and label.

Anyway, this sort of thing is probably going to happen again, so be warned - there are NO authentic examples of this sort of material!

Any other examples of fake Sunnydale-related material surfacing?
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Many of you in the community are aware of the endless rumors about vampires in Sunnydale. In vain we who take a more scientific approach to the matter of Sunnydale say stories like these spread without any basis, that high school students spread stories based on mere rumor, or even that authorities over-react to the presence of a few Goths.

Well, here's a story from the Boston Globe that shows how this can happen.  Boston Latin officials seek to quash 'vampire' rumors.

Note: No real vampire at all.  But I'm sure some here will say that this is another example of a coverup, that the federal government has the initiative to send in their monster fighting army team, or even that they have faith there is a "vampire slayer" in Boston.  Hogwash.
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Hi... thought you folks might be able to help us out.

I'm one of the members of the Class of '95 reunion committee for St. Augustine High School in San Diego, CA, 92104. We're currently trying to compile a complete list of mailing addresses as part of the planning for our 15th reunion.

Due to the 2005 reunion being cancelled (we decided to take a break following the Cedar Fire in 2003 destroyed our committee chairman's house, only a few months after the Sunnydale collapse), we're still looking for a Mr. Christopher Hart.

Chris was a well liked member of the ASB and political columnist for the school paper, "The Augustinian". His political expose (freshman year!) on the O'Connor mayoral administration and the political "marker" involved in the closure of the Nutmeg to Palm sector of Bancroft Street (through the center of our campus), as well as the follow-up in the September 1994 edition regarding the reinstatement of an expelled O'Connor student, catapulted his journalism career and he had been signed on as a political correspondent by the Sunnydale Press prior to our graduation.

We are in possession of literally hundreds of photographs and newspaper articles confirming his existence prior to July of 1995, but until recently could find no confirmation of his whereabouts after that date.

The (recently found) last known contact with Chris was a letter he sent, probably in spring '99, to the alumni newsletter, for publication in the "Alumni Updates" column. This letter was *not* published (part of the Conspiracy stretching all the way to an all-boys Catholic high school in San Diego, perhaps?), and the original document was found behind a file cabinet during the recent remodeling of the school's office building. A single paragraph, ready for publication, it reads:

"Christopher Hart '95 has been promoted to Assistant Political Editor of the "Sunnydale Press" newspaper in Sunnydale, CA. He is currently engaged to Charity Kendall, a longtime resident of Sunnydale, and they have recently purchased a house at 1692 Revello Drive in that city. Their wedding is scheduled at St. Patrick's on 30th Street on June 26th at 2:00 PM, Fr. Gary Sanders O.S.A. presiding. All are invited. Reception to follow at St. Augustine H.S. gymnasium."

Interestingly enough, the St. Patrick's parish schedule is missing the page for the week of June 20th, 1999, and Fr. Gary (now Provincial of the Augustinian Order for western North America) claims to have no memory of ever meeting Mr. Hart. No copies of Mr. Hart's wedding invitations have ever surfaced. He did not attend the 2000 reunion.
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Hello all, just recently found this board and something struck me as more than odd; The name Wolfram & Hart keeps popping up in the strangest places. I recently went to www.Opensecrets.org  to look into those contributing to the presidential candidates and guess whose name kept popping up? W&H!!.  It seems our favourite lawfirm has made many political contributions over the years?: The Kennedy's, Bushes, Clinton's and  recently McCain.  At first it looks perfectly normal of course, big company donating to those who support it interests but  when looks at when the donations stop things get even trickier.  W&H stopped donating to Kennedy  right before John was assasinated in Dallas.  In additon the sponsorship of McCain didn't start until a few weeks ago after he won the republican Primary and started abandoning his old moral views. 

I tried to post links of the relevant pages but sometime between my last pageview and linking the pages the site underwent maintainence and now W&H cannot be found on any donor list for ANY candidate.

If anyone knows about W&H influencing local elections that information would be most appreciated.  

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It's just a rumor, but a contact of mine swears someone snapped a camera phone picture of her in Cleveland. Other rumors -- including pictures (really blurry ones) -- place her elsewhere, such as England or New York City. But the Cleveland picture does sorta look like her. Unfortunately, my contact is a raving paranoid and wouldn't let me post it.

Has anyone heard anything that might substantiate any of these rumors?
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W & H are targetting livejournal - they will try to shut down all basic accounts if they arent used force everyone to have subliminal advertising on every page. If you have a basic account use it! I think this community has a basic account it needs posts!
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I have been doing some research and even managed to track down a member of the Class of 99, but he proved fairly unwilling to dig to deep into the mysteries surrounding those dark days, to quote him. He refuses to even speak about graduation day and becomes very pale when ever I bring it up, so something truly horrific happened to him there in my opinion. He has requested that I keep that I reveal nothing about him other than what he will allow me to say, for fear of what he says will get him killed, and has gone into hiding, but some of the information he tells me actually checks out, which leads to some disturbing events in the town of Sunnydale.

One: Rupert Giles, former Curator of a British Museum (If anyone knows which I would thank you) arrives in Sunnydale and gathers some of the more isolated students under his wing, such as Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, and Alexander Harris.

Two: Over Time this group grows to include Faith (no last name known), the popular Cordelia Chase (who becomes more distant from her other friends and even dates Alexander Harris), a student/musician named Oz, a teacher Miss Calander (who is later murdered in the school itself), A mysterious man known as Angel, and Wesley Wyndham-Price (who later was on the board of Wolfram & Hart).

Three: My source informs me that Wesley Wyndham-Price was actually hired by the school and Rupert Gile's assistant. And that once in the stacks he over heard them talking about some secret society over in England, he either doesn't remember or refused to say, I am not sure. Though he did say he saw this Cordelia Chase dancing with Wesley Wyndham-Price at their prom. I don't know about your high schools but this would have been a major scandal and he would have been fired immediately where I grew up, but he continued to work there till the end of the year, when the school was destroyed. He next shows up as a part of Angel Investigations. Could this be the same mysterious Angel from Rupert Giles small group of followers.

This is just a theory but I believe that some kind of British cult, at least in part lead by Rupert Giles and later Wesley Wyndham-Price, and invaded the small town of Sunnydale. They both surrounded themselves with those vulnerable to brainwashing and convinced these high school students to do whatever it was that they wanted. Violence, inappropriate relationships with students, possibly even murder all fall under this mysterious organization with set up in Sunnydale. My source fear for his life, and possibly rightly so if the later power of Wesley Wyndham-Price is any indication and the fact that Rupert Giles's little group managed to escape from Sunnydale before it collapsed. Has anyone even heard anything about the survivors since the collapse of Sunnydale, my research indicates that they have practically fallen off the grid.


Aug. 24th, 2007 12:29 am
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notised ad for new Celeste album. allowing for age difference looks lots like Dawn Summers, Last Bus passenger. is it her?
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Has anyone else noticed that in the last few months there has been a suspicious lack of activity in all fields related to studies of The Conspiracy and associated areas of interest? There wasn't even anything about Sunnydale or Jonathan in the final issue of the Weekly World News! I can't believe that nobody is talking about this, and that even I have taken months to notice!

Something's VERY wrong. It's much too quiet.

Any thoughts?
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Is it possible that the military presence in Sunnydale was some sort of research installation? Only my sources have unearthed an interesting tale from an inmate, Earl Bassett, who was transferred from California State Prison, Corcoran to Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility at Rock Mountain as a result of his distressed psychological state which analysts at the Corcoran facility had attributed to a pathological distrust of the area of the State of California to the East of the Sierra Nevadas.

Mr Bassett was incarcerated under the three strike law for repeated petty crimes while living a hand to mouth existance in the Quincy/Westwood area in the mountains to the East of Sacramento.

Psychologists working for the Californian Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation have recorded a number of conversations with Mr Bassett in which he recounts a consistant tale of how he and an associate, one Valentine McKee were working as labourers in a small town called Perfection, CA, in the late 80's early 90's and came across some hitherto unrecorded giant wormlike animal that burrowed underneath the ground and was able to swallow cars whole and demolish buildings. Apparently the two of them, along with a number of townsfolk including a seismologist called Rhonda LeBeck were able to escape the area.

Since then he has apparently refused to live away from the mountains and, as mentioned, was severely distressed when incarcerated in Corcoran. Since being moved to Rock Mountain he has become a much more docile detainee.

Further investigations in to Perfection, CA have come up blank, it seems a town of that name did exist around 30 miles to the east of Olancha, CA, but it was never that sizeable and records suggest was abandoned some 15 years ago. No structures can be found in the location it was believed to inhabit and oddly this location shows significant evidence of major subsidence.

Valentine McKee and Rhonda LeBeck are both listed as having left the United States for Bolivia in the early half of the 1990's and no further record of them has been uncovered since that point.

While it is a long shot that this inmates story has any degree of validity, the inability to disprove it make me wonder if it might have some bearing on the happenings in Sunnydale a decade or so later. I wonder, are there records of any large worm or snake sightings in that area in the period leading up to the collapse?

Any further information would be gratefully received.
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[livejournal.com profile] liz_marcs has posted a selection of tunes, the Upon Hearing About the Death of Sunnydale soundtrack, which she apparently feels would be appropriate to the reactions of the survivors. The descriptions are interesting - not quite sure what aspect of The Conspiracy this is coming from, judge for yourself.

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