Mar. 28th, 2008

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Hi... thought you folks might be able to help us out.

I'm one of the members of the Class of '95 reunion committee for St. Augustine High School in San Diego, CA, 92104. We're currently trying to compile a complete list of mailing addresses as part of the planning for our 15th reunion.

Due to the 2005 reunion being cancelled (we decided to take a break following the Cedar Fire in 2003 destroyed our committee chairman's house, only a few months after the Sunnydale collapse), we're still looking for a Mr. Christopher Hart.

Chris was a well liked member of the ASB and political columnist for the school paper, "The Augustinian". His political expose (freshman year!) on the O'Connor mayoral administration and the political "marker" involved in the closure of the Nutmeg to Palm sector of Bancroft Street (through the center of our campus), as well as the follow-up in the September 1994 edition regarding the reinstatement of an expelled O'Connor student, catapulted his journalism career and he had been signed on as a political correspondent by the Sunnydale Press prior to our graduation.

We are in possession of literally hundreds of photographs and newspaper articles confirming his existence prior to July of 1995, but until recently could find no confirmation of his whereabouts after that date.

The (recently found) last known contact with Chris was a letter he sent, probably in spring '99, to the alumni newsletter, for publication in the "Alumni Updates" column. This letter was *not* published (part of the Conspiracy stretching all the way to an all-boys Catholic high school in San Diego, perhaps?), and the original document was found behind a file cabinet during the recent remodeling of the school's office building. A single paragraph, ready for publication, it reads:

"Christopher Hart '95 has been promoted to Assistant Political Editor of the "Sunnydale Press" newspaper in Sunnydale, CA. He is currently engaged to Charity Kendall, a longtime resident of Sunnydale, and they have recently purchased a house at 1692 Revello Drive in that city. Their wedding is scheduled at St. Patrick's on 30th Street on June 26th at 2:00 PM, Fr. Gary Sanders O.S.A. presiding. All are invited. Reception to follow at St. Augustine H.S. gymnasium."

Interestingly enough, the St. Patrick's parish schedule is missing the page for the week of June 20th, 1999, and Fr. Gary (now Provincial of the Augustinian Order for western North America) claims to have no memory of ever meeting Mr. Hart. No copies of Mr. Hart's wedding invitations have ever surfaced. He did not attend the 2000 reunion.


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