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Hi! I’m new to this board and I was hoping someone here might have some information that can help me.

I’m involved in an effort to shed some light on some of the more shadowy international organizations. You know, the ones that only seem to be referred to by acronyms and that don’t seem to report to any specific government?

Anyway, I’m trying to trying to pin down a rumor on one of them, and the trail led me here.

Apparently, some time in late 1996 or early 1997 one of these organizations became interested in Sunnydale. Interested enough, that they sent in one of their agents.

The only hard info we have is a heavily redacted CIA report we got through a FOIA request that ws originally filed on a completely different matter. While the name of the agent spotted was completely marked out, it does say the he "blended in perfectly and seemed right at home in his interactions with the staff and visitors of the Sunnydale zoo."

This isn’t much to go on, but I’ve done some digging on that zoo. It seems to have been far larger than typical for a town that size. Also, rather than getting animals from captive breeding programs and other wildlife parks in the US, this zoo seems to have imported it’s animals directly from the wild. Veerry unusual (and expensive) for a small town zoo.

Now this method of stocking the zoo naturally meant there was large amounts of shipments to and from obscure overseas locations. Indeed, in the time period I’m interested in, there was a large amount of traffic to and from Africa. Coincidentally(?) these locations were often troubled regions where various covert shenanigans are strongly suspected to have taken place. Interestingly enough, shortly after the reprorted sighting of this agent, the man in charge of these shipments met with a fatal ‘accident’. The only press coverage of this ‘accident’ I can find are maddingly brief, and I would really like more information.

If anyone who can help with more detailed knowledge of the Sunnydale zoo and its activities (particularly its international activities) please post.
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Hello all, interesting site. I too am fascinated by the "Sunnydale Conspiracy" This is my first official Posting here, so please be nice :). Sorry if this has been posted before. I looked but I could have missed it.

I saw this episode of Mysteries of the Bizarre and thought it interesting. At the end there is some aerial footage of the Sunnydale "Hole"


Scroll down to the Mysteries of the Bizarre/Sunnydale site
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I wonder if anyone here can help throw some light on a problem I've been working on for the

Chumash casino resort (http://www.chumashcasino.com/) they have been looking in to expanding their Native American museum exhibits and I have been trying to track down information regarding an antique Chumash knife that was once exhibited in the Sunnydale Cultural Museum. I realise it was most likely destroyed when the city suffered it's last earthquake, but I have been able to glean a small part of it's history and having read some of the postulations herein thought there might be a lead.

It would appear the knife went missing on or around Wednesday the 23rd of November, 1999. A post thanksgiving edition of the Sunnydale Press mentions the knife as being among a the weaponry missing from display cases in the Cultural Museum following the murder and mutilation of Dr Gerhardt from the Anthropology Department of the Sunnydale University. The paper suggests that this may have been linked to the discovery earlier on the day of her death of the old Sunnydale Mission that was buried and presumed destroyed in a previous earthquake in 1812. The paper describes the discovery in a separate article headed 'Local Worker's Miracle Escape' which documents how one Alexander L Harris, 18, of Sunnydale was working on the construction site of the new cultural centre when he fell some 20 ft into the ruins of the Old Mission after the ground he was digging collapsed.

It was searching for more information on this part of the puzzle that brought me here.

I have one other clue, a member of the casino security was working as a member of the Sunnydale Police Department in the late 1990's and, being of Chumash descent, recalls the murder at the museum and how the records were suppressed not only regarding the full extent of Dr Gerhardt's mutilation, along with her throat being cut she had been stabbed a number of times and her ear had been removed. But also of the similarities with the alleged suicide of a priest on the same night. He hung himself outside of his church, but allegedly not before he had attempted to hack his own ear off. My source, however, says that the records he saw pointed towards the ear removal being attempted post mortem, and that the item used to make the cuts in both instances was the same crude knife...

It is possible that this is the knife I am researching, if it was indeed stolen by some serial killer, they may have taken it away from Sunnydale before the earthquake. Is anyone here aware of any other cases of similar mutilations in the Sunnydale area around this time? It may help me confirm this conjecture.
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I was talking about Sunnydale in a pub last night and some people at another table overheard. One of them was an American (I think) who said that he'd heard that a rock group called Dingoes Ate My Baby came from Sunnydale. I've never heard of them, but he said they'd sold at least one record. Trouble is I didn't get the details (the pub was very crowded, noisy and smoky and I had a coughing fit and had to leave early) and I can't seem to find anything about them on line. Anyone know more?
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I've noticed Buffy Summers is discussed here a lot, and as a former Sunnydale resident, I've heard some bizarre rumors about her, like the following:

I've heard from a few friends of mine that she was often seen around town very late at night, sometimes accompanied by others, but usually alone. In fact I am fairly certain I saw her a couple of times myself when I happened to glance out my window (I'm a bit of a night owl.)

Others have said she seemed to frequent the local high school in the middle of the night, running around campus.

And an old girlfriend of mine swears she noticed a girl matching her description entering a local graveyard in the company of a dark haired girl wearing leather a few years back (1999, I believe.)

So my question is, if these rumors are true, why? Why was a young girl running around town so late? Apparently every single night? Why was she at the local high school so often? And how? Shouldn't the school doors be locked and the campus patrolled? Surely they wouldn't allow a student in after hours, especially that late.

And why would she heading into a graveyard so late?

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I'm new to this community, and to be honest, the "Sunnydale Conspiracy" was never one that much crossed my fields until I was tracing the career path of a black-ops unit a source of mine clued me in on.

Specifically, one Riley Finn, now a Colonel, and the guy's what, 25?

So I did a little digging with the help of my source, and this guy has racked up more frequent flier miles than the combined total of roughly half the Air Forces best pilots, it seems. He's all over the place: South America, Canada, Nepal...what the hell is a black-ops unit doing over in the Himalayas?

Dug a little more to try to find this guy's promotion schedule, and he's supposedly a captain at 22. Interestingly enough, when I did a little poking around searching for instances of this guy's name, I found a teacher's assistant named Riley Finn, at UC Sunnydale. Which is what led me to this page.

Anybody got a pic of this UC "Riley Finn" I can put up against the file photo my source managed to pass to me before he got reassigned to Antarctica?


Mar. 29th, 2006 11:13 pm
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Anyone remember something about a mass grave being found in the California desert near Sunnydale containing a couple of dozen people in chain mail? Sure I saw a report somewhere, but damned if I can find it now.
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I've heard from a contact who doesn't want to be named, and although I've sometimes found him unreliable, he has pointed me toward some interesting info in the past.

He claims to have seen a copy of the Sunnydale High 1999 yearbook (copies of which, even taking the Collapse into account, are scarce) and he noted some interesting stuff about Buffy Summers. Remember that I have no verification for any of this, but it is suggestive.

First of all, there is the matter of the section where the students' mugshots are lined up in alphabetical order. Summers' picture is missing. Not only that, there is only one photo of her in the entire book.

I've seen the Hemery Middle School yearbook, and Summers is practically on every page. Cheerleader, Fashion Club, student government, she was clearly one of the popular kids. Certainly she was one of the most visible. But her presence in Sunnydale High seems to have left no evidence -- or else that evidence was removed before the book was published.

Even stranger is the one photo of her that remains in the book. It was taken at the awards ceremony at the Senior Prom. The caption reads "Buffy Summers -- Class Protector."

Assuming this is true, does anyone have a clue what it means? I got nothin'.
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OK, I thought the story of the Sunnydale Army Supply Depot was just another example of the Wilkins family bilking money from federal coffers. Turns out there may be more too it than that.

I want to stress up front I don’t know the full implications of what I’ve learned. It could be nothing, it could be deliberate disinformation or it could be something more. You’ll have to evaluate that on your own.

As I mentioned before the bunker under the UC Sunnydale campus was officially decommissioned in 1992 (after never actually being used for anything) but Army depot was left open. I could never figure out what the base did. So I started researching what kinds of supplies were being funneled through the base. It’s been slow going. My FOIA requests have been getting the cold shoulder lately (I think I may be ruffling a few feathers). But I have been able to get a hold of few civilian contract workers assigned to bases in the Southwest US.

According to them, most of what they shipped to Sunnydale was surplus and/or outdated weapons. Nothing really out of the ordinary. That is until around 1999.

According to three civilian employees I found, several large shipments of top of the line weapons were sent to Sunnydale. This was enough gear to fully outfit at least two platoons. Even odder a large amount of medical equipment (enough to outfit a 50 bed hospital) was shipped into Sunnydale the summer of 1999. The base infirmary only had eight beds.

In addition, one said gear marked ‘research supplies’ was also sent into Sunnydale. Again I only got this from one source and it as yet unconfirmed. Take it with a grain of salt.

According to my sources these shipments kept up between the summer of 1999 and the beginning of 2000 before being abruptly cut off in May of 2000.

Now I’ll be honest, this could just be some base commander stocking up, a typical screw up in the Army supply chain or the supplies could have just been routed through Sunnydale on their way somewhere else. Unfortunately I’ve as yet been unable to locate any assigned to work the depot in Sunnydale to confirm if the shipments came in or what happened to them after they came in.

None of this proves anything and I want to stress I haven’t been able to find any official confirmation of what was stored at the Sunnydale supply depot (which in and of itself is very telling). All I have are a few eyewitness accounts from civilian cargo haulers.

But a week ago I had long talk with a friend who monitors activity out at Area 51. I offhand mentioned my research into military involvement in Sunnydale and the odd supply shipments during 1999 and 2000 and he became very excited. This morning he sent me a list of nine flights between Area 51 and Sunnydale during 1999 to 2000. There may have been more but those were only ones his group could confirm.

He stressed that the fact that he was able to get confirmation in the form of flight records and radar logs might mean that flights were deliberate disinformation. Most of the air traffic in and out of Area 51 is classified and (according to him) a surprisingly large amount never shows up on commercial radar.

Now he has no way to know what was on any of these planes. But in the twelve years he and his associates have been tracking activity at Area 51 those are the only flights he’s seen go into Sunnydale and they just coincidently coincide with a major increase in the supplies going into the Sunnydale Army depot.

As dsample pointed out on the LA Darkness thread there is a possibility the military was testing some kind weapon that created a wide area of darkness and they may have selected Sunnydale because of some unique geological or other abnormality. Perhaps the incident at the 99 graduation ceremony was a natural phenomenon that drew the military’s attention and they began researching the weapon in 1999 which led to the test in LA a few years later.

Does anybody have any contacts with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency: http://www.darpa.mil/)? The odds are any such research project run in Sunnydale would have been run under their auspices.
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Another oddity about Sunnydale I came across during my research. There was an Army supply depot located just inside the city limits. Now this was not a National Guard armory as is common place in many small towns, but a full fledged Army supply depot complete with a small airfield and around 200 active duty personnel assigned there permanently.

The base’s location makes little sense in relationship to other military bases in the Southern California and I could not figure out what unit the base was supposed to supply. Then I hit pay dirt thanks to a FOIA request I made a few months ago.

It seems back in the mid fifties when the cold war was starting to get serious the US Army built an underground command bunker in Sunnydale. It was located directly beneath the UC Sunnydale campus. The facility was supposed to serve as a backup evacuation site for west coast commanders in the event of nuclear war. The supply depot actually served as cover to provide a secure means to get military personnel into Sunnydale.

The problem is the location makes no sense. Sunnydale is close to LA home to dozens of key defense contractors and therefore a primary target. There were also a least a half dozen other evac points scattered across the west coast. All of them better located and more secure than the facility in Sunnydale (for example the bunkers in the Rockies and of course the bases in New Mexico and Nevada with all those nice toys). Not surprisingly, there is no indication the base was ever even used during the many war games and drills run throughout the cold war.

This is yet another example of the extraordinary amount of state and federal money that was pored into Sunnydale since its founding (the dam and other public works projects have been discussed elsewhere on this excellent site). The Wilkins family was incredibly adept at opening government coffers without drawing attention to themselves.

The underground bunker was officially decommissioned in 1992. The base should have been closed at the same time but every time it came up for review with the Base Closing Commission it was dropped without comment or objection. Believe it or not according to the documents I got through FOIA the land the base was located on was not federal land. It was actually owned by Sunnydale and leased from the city to the tune of tens of millions of dollars a year.

Find me another town that could pull off something like that completely under the radar.
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anyone else notise that there is no record of attorney Charles Gunn of Wolfram and Hart before he worked there? lots of stuff on paper, but if you ask around none of it can be confirmed. a LA cop told me he used to run a street gang, how the hell did he get to be a lawyer?

do not mention this post on alt.conspiracy.wolframandhart, W&H trace all posts there. hope they don't have this thing spotted yet.
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I've read a transcript of the conviction hearing for Faith Lehane. It's maddeningly short on details, of course. The state produced the evidence that she led them to with her confession, she was formally charged, she pled guilty, sentence was passed.

But several times in the transcript, she used the expression "five by five," apparently to mean "fine" or "okay." This is a bit of military slang, originally used as a synonym for "loud and clear" in reference to radio reception. It is, of course, possible that Lehane picked up this expression by hanging around military bases, but it does seem a bit unusual.

I've already theorized that Lehane was recruited by person or persons unknown and used as an assassin, and that she then had a change of heart and tried to turn against them. That these mysterious "someone(s)" were in some way connected, or even responsible, for the Sunnydale "eclipse" and subsequent explosion of the High School, and for the later LA darkness and subsequent collapse of Sunnydale. And that this darkness effect stores the energy of the sunlight it absorbs, only to discharge it through a geological anomaly that existed under the school.

Is it possible that she knew the public might read the transcript one day, and was trying to plant a clue? "Five by Five" points to radio waves, or at least to some sort of electromagnetic effect. Specifically, it points to radio waves being received at a specific point. Maybe she was still trying to get the word out.
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Although the California pictures in Google Earth pre-date the destruction of Sunnydale, all attempts to locate the city via a search point either to Sunnyvale, a couple of hundred miles away, or to the Sunnydale district of San Francisco. It's there if you know where to look, of course, but if you don't know Google aren't going to help you find it!

Later edit: It's even worse than I thought... images for the rest of california appear to be dated 2006, the immediate vicinity of Sunnydale still shows a low-resolution 2002 photo.
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The Last Bus out of Sunnydale comes up so often in discussions of the Sunnydale Conspiracy that I think it's worth establishing exactly who is known to have been aboard, who is claimed to have been aboard, and who was probably not aboard.

Definitely aboard:
  • Wood, Robin: Principal of Sunnydale High School - source hospital records, he was wounded when the school collapsed and airlifted from the bus to a Los Angeles hospital. Can't remember which one but I'm sure someone knows. Current location unknown.
  • Giles, Rupert: British, former British Museum employee, former librarian of Sunnydale High, proprietor of "The Magic Box", a store selling occult materials, at the time of the disaster. There is no record of him having received training as a bus driver. Currently believed to be in Britain - in fact a friend of a friend is sure that she saw him waiting for a train at Bath station this summer.
  • Summers, Buffy: Unqualified counsellor at Sunnydale High, former student at the school and at UC Sunnydale. Whereabouts unknown.
  • Summers, Dawn: Sister of Buffy, Student at the school. Whereabouts unknown.
  • Rosenberg, Willow: former student at the school and current student at UC Sunnydale. Reportedly in Rio, unconfirmed.
Believed to be aboard or unidentified:
  • Faith Lehane: Wanted criminal and escaped convict. Allegedly accompanied Wood to hospital then vanished before the police arrived, current whereabouts unknown.
  • The "One Eyed Man": Believed to be Alexander Harris, a former Sunnydale High student and building contractor who worked on Sunnydale High, seen with the passengers by numerous witnesses. Current whereabouts unknown, but there are rumours of a European (possibly an American) matching his general description sighted in several parts of Africa. The circumstances of his eye loss are unknown.
  • Approximately 10 young women of varying descriptions, no other information known.
  • Wells, Andrew: Another wanted criminal and former Sunnydale High student. Current whereabouts unknown.
I think that's about it, have I missed anyone?
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Another example of the extent with which edited photographs have been used to discredit Sunnydale studies.

The Notorious Toast Picture )
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As we all know, Devon has, over the last few years, developed a reputation in the UK much like the Nevada desert's in the US. We've all read the reports of strange happenings, there, UFOs reported to resemble "Ford Anglias", and so forth. Some residents claim the strange goings on to be the work of "witches", as there's a Wicca coven in the area. Others more reasonably claim extraterrestrials at work. Some have even suggested a combination of the two, one of my sources describing an associate of the previously mentioned Coven as having "these huge silver eyes. She never blinks, and the way she goes on... That girl ain't from this planet."

While investigating, my sources revealed some interesting information. They claim that at least two of the passengers on the bus that left Sunnydale before it collapsed, including the driver, have been spotted as associates of the Devon Coven.

Given the similarites to the Roswell reports, I can only conclude that there's a connection with both the Sunnydale collapse and the goings on in Nevada. Theorists have previously linked Roswell with the long rumored Black Ops base reportedly built under UC Sunnydale. While investigating the Devon situation, I can across reports of a large underground installation beneath London, reportly housing a branch of the British Government that officials deny exists. There've been reports of people suffering memory loss who've gotten too close, exactly like reports connected to Roswell. Coincidence? I think not.

As with Roswell, any inquiries have been met with denials, though, like with Roswell, one has to read between the lines. My inquiries got this official response...

"Dear Sir,

There is no secret underground Government facilities beneath London. We are not breeding heliopaths. In fact, heliopaths don't exist, and any claims to the contrary made by young blonde women with unusually large silver eyes that never blink should be dismissed, as such women are insane."

The strange thing is, I never mentioned "heliopaths", whatever they may be, or the young blonde woman with the unusually large silver eyes. So, they unintentionally revealed that there is even more going on than I'd thought. I can't help but remember the reports of genetic experiments in the base under Sunnydale.

Perhaps Richard Wilkins III knew too much?
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Some of the rumours surrounding the explosion of Sunnydale High claim that the sky went dark, just before the explosion. People have linked this event to the infamous "L.A. Darkness" that happened four years later.

Sunnydale became dark for about 5 minutes (acording to reports) and then the school exploded. L.A. was dark for several days, and then Sunnydale imploded. Was there a connection?
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Yesterday while discussing the Wilkins assassination I posted a picture I'd found that showed someone who looked a little like Mayor Wilkins at a historically important event. On taking a closer look I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that it's a fake; the lighting doesn't look quite right, and I've found what appears to be the original picture on line.

The "Wilkins Photo" - The original

The interesting thing about this is that I found the fake while looking at various Sunnydale conspiracy web sites yesterday, but it has vanished today. I'm not 100% sure where I found it, and although I've gone back to every site in my browser history it isn't there. It's fortunate that I copied it, added the circle, and posted it to my own archive, rather than simply linking to it - but the down-side of that is that I'm now not sure where it came from.

This suggests two possibilities
1: Someone is having a little joke.
2: Someone is attempting to discredit this community.

I think that we're all familiar with similar examples of fakery - the classic but now discredited "Dragon attacking Los Angeles" photo comes to mind - and I think that for our own protection we ought to start keeping tabs on them. I'd suggest posting any others you find as comments to this post, or as new posts. But please use livejournal cuts or links as above, not everyone has (or trusts) a fast internet connection.


Mar. 1st, 2006 06:09 am
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I’m totally over the moon, guys! I just heard back from Dr. Gil Grissom, our country’s preeminent forensic entomologist. Here’s his letter:
Dear Ms. Elementalv:

I received your letter of the 20th, as well as your letters of the 18th, 17th, 14th, 13th and the two you wrote on the 12th. Please let me assure you that there is no such insect as the “she-mantis” you described to me. Even if there were, it’s doubtful that she would restrict herself to virgin males, even in this day and age of disease.

At this time, I must respectfully request that you stop writing to me. If you don’t, I will be forced to obtain a restraining order.

Gil Grissom
Supervisor, Crime Scene Investigation
Did you see that? Proof positive that the she-mantis exists. I mean, sure, he had to *claim* that she doesn’t, but that’s just because he works so near Area 51 that all his communications are monitored. All you have to do is read between the lines to see confirmation.
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I've made a user icon for [livejournal.com profile] sdaleconspiracy, hopefully others will make more. Not sure how to make them available to everyone, I think it's something you have to sort out for yourself in your settings but I'm not 100% sure since I've never managed a community before.

We have five more free user icon slots, if anyone feels like making more please do!

Reminds me to ask if anyone wants to become another community manager (or whatever it's called) - preferably someone who knows how these things work!
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