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I have been doing some research and even managed to track down a member of the Class of 99, but he proved fairly unwilling to dig to deep into the mysteries surrounding those dark days, to quote him. He refuses to even speak about graduation day and becomes very pale when ever I bring it up, so something truly horrific happened to him there in my opinion. He has requested that I keep that I reveal nothing about him other than what he will allow me to say, for fear of what he says will get him killed, and has gone into hiding, but some of the information he tells me actually checks out, which leads to some disturbing events in the town of Sunnydale.

One: Rupert Giles, former Curator of a British Museum (If anyone knows which I would thank you) arrives in Sunnydale and gathers some of the more isolated students under his wing, such as Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, and Alexander Harris.

Two: Over Time this group grows to include Faith (no last name known), the popular Cordelia Chase (who becomes more distant from her other friends and even dates Alexander Harris), a student/musician named Oz, a teacher Miss Calander (who is later murdered in the school itself), A mysterious man known as Angel, and Wesley Wyndham-Price (who later was on the board of Wolfram & Hart).

Three: My source informs me that Wesley Wyndham-Price was actually hired by the school and Rupert Gile's assistant. And that once in the stacks he over heard them talking about some secret society over in England, he either doesn't remember or refused to say, I am not sure. Though he did say he saw this Cordelia Chase dancing with Wesley Wyndham-Price at their prom. I don't know about your high schools but this would have been a major scandal and he would have been fired immediately where I grew up, but he continued to work there till the end of the year, when the school was destroyed. He next shows up as a part of Angel Investigations. Could this be the same mysterious Angel from Rupert Giles small group of followers.

This is just a theory but I believe that some kind of British cult, at least in part lead by Rupert Giles and later Wesley Wyndham-Price, and invaded the small town of Sunnydale. They both surrounded themselves with those vulnerable to brainwashing and convinced these high school students to do whatever it was that they wanted. Violence, inappropriate relationships with students, possibly even murder all fall under this mysterious organization with set up in Sunnydale. My source fear for his life, and possibly rightly so if the later power of Wesley Wyndham-Price is any indication and the fact that Rupert Giles's little group managed to escape from Sunnydale before it collapsed. Has anyone even heard anything about the survivors since the collapse of Sunnydale, my research indicates that they have practically fallen off the grid.

Rather wild extrapolation

Date: 2007-09-06 05:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] samthereaderman.livejournal.com
So, the evidence of there being a cult in Sunnydale is your informant saying that a school librarian and his assistant talked about it. For all you know they were looking up information for a student's report or something. This is a thin reed for such an extensive conspiracy theory.

Let's go through your points:

Point one: School librarian takes isolated student under his wing. Nothing suspicious about that when you consider that the school's library was becoming computerized, to the point of scanning in the books, and the librarian, by all accounts, was rather computer phobic. So naturally he encouraged the ccomputer savvy student to stick around -- and we know Willow knew enough to substitute for the computer teacher after her unfortunate death. And her friends probably just wanted to hang out with her. So a bunch of the school's less popular students hung out in the library instead of the cafeteria dominated by the populars. Not exactly headline news.

Point two: Group grew. Nothing suspicious there, groups that survive tend to do that. The only thing remotely unusual is that a popular girl briefly dated a class clown, but then opposites do attract -- ever see the movie Greece?

Point three: Librarian and assistant talked about a secret society. Again, nothing wrong with talking. I bet the history teacher in the building had a whole unit talking about Watergate. As to Wesley Wyndham-Price dancing with a student, if all they did was a tame dance, what scandal would there be? Chaperons at a dance, especially a prom with seniors a couple of weeks from leaving the school, frequently dance with the students. The most that would do would prompt an investigation that nothing more serious was going on. You can't fire someone for mere suspicion, that would bring a lawsuit.

Moreover, while Sunnydale's records are long since gone, a school librarian, even assistant, would be in the state educators' retirement system if he was paid. And there are no such records for Wesley Wyndham-Price. So most likely, he was just an unpaid volunteer, so no scandal at all.

So your post is full of wild extrapolation based on very little evidence at all.

Date: 2007-09-06 06:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ffutures.livejournal.com
Don't know much about the rest of this, but wasn't there a news story about a weird cult at one of the local colleges at that time? Something about human sacrifice? Maybe that's what they were discussing.

Date: 2007-09-07 02:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] johnprester.livejournal.com
Yes. Crestwood College. The Delta Zeta Kappa fraternity had apparently been fronting for a cult for a couple of decades. There were rumors of human sacrifice, but all that could really be pinned on them was the kidnapping of several high school girls.

There are two kickers here. First is pure rumor, but it's said that one of the girls claimed that the frat boys were going to feed her to a giant snake. Even if this is true, it was almost certainly a hallucination brought about by a bad reaction to whatever knock-out drugs they'd used on her, but that makes how many snake stories in Sunnydale? I make it at least four.

Second...just after the story broke (and this is all based on public information; you can assemble it as easily as I did), former members of Delta Zeta Kappa all across the country suddenly started having financial troubles of all sorts -- strikes at key operations, stock failures, bad investments coming home to roost -- just as the investigations were beginning. There was too much of it to be all coincidence, which means that someone had (and presumably still has) the clout to ruin large numbers of people from behind the scenes. That's the part of this story I find really, really scary.

Date: 2007-09-07 11:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ffutures.livejournal.com
What worries me about this is that it is such a minor part of the Sunnydale story that it virtually goes unnoticed in the general weirdness. Whatever was really going on there must have been truly scary.

British Conspiracy

Date: 2007-12-31 06:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rangermatthias.livejournal.com
Your post reminded me of a case I ran across a few years ago.

I searched my files and contacted some colleagues and found information about a Cambridge Professor, Ian Matheson - Mythology and/or Occult Studies instructor, who became involved with a Grad Student in the early 90's. While nothing strictly illegal there, it smacks of impropriety. I have her name, but for her sake will keep it confidential.

My research indicates that at some point after he had moved, chains were found fixed to his basement wall, with blood and skin attached in abundance. Tests showed conclusively that they belonged to the student. DNA was collected and matched to samples from a local London hospital were she had some plastic surgery to fix scars on her face a few months earlier. (She claims to have been attacked by a wolf while camping. An odd claim, seeing as how wolves have not been found in the wilds of Great Britain in over 100 years. And quite coincidental in that it happened days after meeting - and moving in - with Prof Matheson.

No charges were ever filed and an investigation throughout quite a bit of England's countryside (they apparently traveled quite a bit - on research, according to the Professor) met with a wall of silence and superstition more at place in medieval times than in modern day Great Britain. Stories of Werewolves on the Moors, ghostly horsemen, and etc.

Prof. Matheson and the student moved to the Los Angeles, California. (where he had his own talk/investigative show on the paranormal called "How Strange" on KBLA.

I seem to remember something about her spending some time in an asylum, but can't find any reference to that in my notes and can't recall why that's in my mind. I probably shouldn't mention it as it's unsupported, but I'm leaving it in my notes for further review and decided to mention it just in case anyone else can help with that research.

It's known that she did work on his talk show as a producer and other than a nervousness when talking about certain aspects of the Supernatural (odd for a producer of a supernaturally themed show) she seemed well adjusted from what my people can ascertain.

It's hard to help people when they say they don't want any.

It makes me wonder if there's any connection between Professor Ian Matheson, Mr. Rupert Giles, and Mr. Wesley Wyndham-Price.

Rereading your post reminded me that Wyndham-Price moved to Los Angeles along with Cordelia Chase, both working for a Angel Investigations, before joining Wolfram and Hart. I wonder if Prof. Matheson was still living in L.A. at the time?

Is it possible that she may have been involved with a brainwashing or indoctrination by this British "Secret Society"?

My research at the time suggested a conspiracy of silence, but I hadn't connected it to any group as such. This will now become a working case again. Any information from any of you would be helpful.

The British Museum

Date: 2008-04-28 11:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] heather-dee.livejournal.com
I actually met a Mr. Giles in London back in, oh 1975 or so, I think it was. I was with a friend who was, well, it must be said, she didn't have a lot of self-restraint then. They chatted it up and.., ah, I'll let that go.

So, fast forward to 1984 and I was back in the country on business and had decided to see the British Museum while there. I was looking over the Sumerian exhibit, I believe, when I saw him again. I walked over to chat and was surprised to find myself removed by security. Yes, my family has an unfortunate reputation in some circles, but I've always distanced myself from all that and I was not expecting this.

Our Mr. Giles reaction does tend to support the 'cult' conclusion, as it is the sort of thing that one who takes my families supposed occult leanings seriously might express. All speculation aside he did work at the British Museum (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Museum), at least in '84.

>One: Rupert Giles, former Curator of a British Museum (If anyone knows which I would thank you)


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