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Is it possible that the military presence in Sunnydale was some sort of research installation? Only my sources have unearthed an interesting tale from an inmate, Earl Bassett, who was transferred from California State Prison, Corcoran to Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility at Rock Mountain as a result of his distressed psychological state which analysts at the Corcoran facility had attributed to a pathological distrust of the area of the State of California to the East of the Sierra Nevadas.

Mr Bassett was incarcerated under the three strike law for repeated petty crimes while living a hand to mouth existance in the Quincy/Westwood area in the mountains to the East of Sacramento.

Psychologists working for the Californian Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation have recorded a number of conversations with Mr Bassett in which he recounts a consistant tale of how he and an associate, one Valentine McKee were working as labourers in a small town called Perfection, CA, in the late 80's early 90's and came across some hitherto unrecorded giant wormlike animal that burrowed underneath the ground and was able to swallow cars whole and demolish buildings. Apparently the two of them, along with a number of townsfolk including a seismologist called Rhonda LeBeck were able to escape the area.

Since then he has apparently refused to live away from the mountains and, as mentioned, was severely distressed when incarcerated in Corcoran. Since being moved to Rock Mountain he has become a much more docile detainee.

Further investigations in to Perfection, CA have come up blank, it seems a town of that name did exist around 30 miles to the east of Olancha, CA, but it was never that sizeable and records suggest was abandoned some 15 years ago. No structures can be found in the location it was believed to inhabit and oddly this location shows significant evidence of major subsidence.

Valentine McKee and Rhonda LeBeck are both listed as having left the United States for Bolivia in the early half of the 1990's and no further record of them has been uncovered since that point.

While it is a long shot that this inmates story has any degree of validity, the inability to disprove it make me wonder if it might have some bearing on the happenings in Sunnydale a decade or so later. I wonder, are there records of any large worm or snake sightings in that area in the period leading up to the collapse?

Any further information would be gratefully received.
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