Jul. 8th, 2009

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Came across a nasty little scam the other day, which seems to be targetting victims of False Jonathan Memory Syndrome.

Basically, someone has apparently faked up various "Jonathan Levinson" items including a poster for The Matrix, various CDs, etc., and is offering them on eBay at inflated prices. I'm not sure where the pictures come from, the most likely answer is someone who looks a little like him plus Photoshop. Unfortunately I can't point at an example now because eBay seems to have pulled the plug on the last couple I noticed, but here's an image I copied, allegedly from Jonathan's "Live at Caesar's Palace" album:

I'm reliably informed that the background is (a) heavily manipulated and (b) not Caesar's Palace, I have no idea what it is beyond that. The songs listed were a medly that I think would mostly be Tom Jones recordings, unfortunately I didn't take notes. I think it's likely that the disk, if it actually existed, was simply a pirated Tom Jones album with a different cover and label.

Anyway, this sort of thing is probably going to happen again, so be warned - there are NO authentic examples of this sort of material!

Any other examples of fake Sunnydale-related material surfacing?


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