Sep. 5th, 2007

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I have been doing some research and even managed to track down a member of the Class of 99, but he proved fairly unwilling to dig to deep into the mysteries surrounding those dark days, to quote him. He refuses to even speak about graduation day and becomes very pale when ever I bring it up, so something truly horrific happened to him there in my opinion. He has requested that I keep that I reveal nothing about him other than what he will allow me to say, for fear of what he says will get him killed, and has gone into hiding, but some of the information he tells me actually checks out, which leads to some disturbing events in the town of Sunnydale.

One: Rupert Giles, former Curator of a British Museum (If anyone knows which I would thank you) arrives in Sunnydale and gathers some of the more isolated students under his wing, such as Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, and Alexander Harris.

Two: Over Time this group grows to include Faith (no last name known), the popular Cordelia Chase (who becomes more distant from her other friends and even dates Alexander Harris), a student/musician named Oz, a teacher Miss Calander (who is later murdered in the school itself), A mysterious man known as Angel, and Wesley Wyndham-Price (who later was on the board of Wolfram & Hart).

Three: My source informs me that Wesley Wyndham-Price was actually hired by the school and Rupert Gile's assistant. And that once in the stacks he over heard them talking about some secret society over in England, he either doesn't remember or refused to say, I am not sure. Though he did say he saw this Cordelia Chase dancing with Wesley Wyndham-Price at their prom. I don't know about your high schools but this would have been a major scandal and he would have been fired immediately where I grew up, but he continued to work there till the end of the year, when the school was destroyed. He next shows up as a part of Angel Investigations. Could this be the same mysterious Angel from Rupert Giles small group of followers.

This is just a theory but I believe that some kind of British cult, at least in part lead by Rupert Giles and later Wesley Wyndham-Price, and invaded the small town of Sunnydale. They both surrounded themselves with those vulnerable to brainwashing and convinced these high school students to do whatever it was that they wanted. Violence, inappropriate relationships with students, possibly even murder all fall under this mysterious organization with set up in Sunnydale. My source fear for his life, and possibly rightly so if the later power of Wesley Wyndham-Price is any indication and the fact that Rupert Giles's little group managed to escape from Sunnydale before it collapsed. Has anyone even heard anything about the survivors since the collapse of Sunnydale, my research indicates that they have practically fallen off the grid.


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